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Why Kitty Kat Casa?

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The hardest part cat lovers have with owning an inside cat is the litter box. Owners spend endless amounts of time and money to hide the litter box or mask the smell but still have the constant problem of odors and litter all over the floor. I have introduced a product that will eliminate these problems.

My unique patented design is called the Kitty Kat Casa. It is designed to hold the litter box and allow a resting area for your cat. The unit is installed in any standard window with the resting area inside the window and the litter box on the outside area. A series of vents along with a low voltage fan reduces all odors and controls the temperature inside the unit by drawing warm or cold air into it.


Cleaning the unit can be easily accomplished from the outside or inside due to a cleaning door located on the outside and an access door located in the inside section. A window allows the cat to look into the inside of the room while resting in the Casa.

A platform mounted to the window sill will allow the cat to sit and gaze through the window plus assist the cat in entering the Casa through the cat door which is located inside the house.

The unit is easily installed in any horizontal or vertical window opening. There is no need to alter the window in any way. The existing frame holds the Casa in place and window locks or blockers prevent the window from being opened once it is installed. A piece of Plexiglas or wood is inserted to fill in the open area that remains once the Casa is installed.

If you live in an apartment this is the perfect answer even if you live on the second floor. When you move the casa can easily be removed and installed in your new house or apartment.

So stop the wasting time and money on products that don't work. Look into a Kitty Kat Casa, your cat will love you for it!

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