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Choose a Casa

Standard Casa

Standard KittyKatCasa

The standard size casa will fit in any vertical or horizontal window with an opening of 20". We can custom build a Casa for smaller window openings.

The window frame holds the Casa in place and a blocker made of wood or Plexiglas fills the opening once it’s installed. A window lock will prevent the window from being opened.


Custom Built Casa

Custom Built KittyKatCasa Custom Built KittyKatCasa

This is the largest Casa I designed and built. When finished the outside section was 6’ long 5’ high and 3’ deep. It had two floors; one that could hold up to 6 large litter boxes, with the second floor designed for the play and resting area.

The inside section that fit in the window was 4’ high 2’ wide and 18” deep. I also installed solar lighting, 110 volt power for cleaning, plus four venting fans. The customer owned up to 20 cats at a time and this Casa was the perfect answer for her litter box odor problems.

Custom Built KittyKatCasa Custom Built KittyKatCasa

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